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Terms and Conditions

Latest revision: August 11, 2023

Welcome to 2015BestNine! Prior to proceeding, please take a moment to carefully review these terms and conditions that oversee your usage of our service.

Interpretation and Definitions Interpretation In this document, capitalized terms are endowed with specific meanings as detailed below. These definitions hold true whether used in singular or plural contexts. Definitions In the context of these Terms and Conditions:

  • Affiliate: Pertains to an entity sharing common control with a party, typically via ownership of 50% or more of shares, equity, or voting securities.
  • Country: Refers to Belarus.
  • Company: Also denoted as "We,""Us," or "Our," signifies 2015BestNine.
  • Device: Encompasses all devices capable of accessing our service, including computers, cellphones, and digital tablets.
  • Service: Refers to our website.
  • Terms and Conditions: These terms, often referred to as "Terms," encapsulate the comprehensive agreement binding You and 2015BestNine in relation to the Service's utilization.
  • Third-party Social Media Service: Encompasses third-party services or content exhibited, provided, or facilitated through the Service.
  • Website: Corresponds to 2015BestNine's website, accessible via https://2015bestnine.com/
  • You: Implies an individual availing or accessing the Service, or a corporate or legal entity acting on such an individual's behalf.

Acknowledgment These Terms and Conditions orchestrate the use of our Service and define the pact between You and the Company. By engaging with and utilizing the Service, you manifest your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. These terms extend to all users who visit or utilize the Service.

Access and Consent Your entry to and usage of the Service hinge on your adherence to these Terms and Conditions. By leveraging the Service, You align yourself with these terms. In case of dissent with any part of these terms, refrain from accessing or using the Service.

Age Constraint As you access the Service, You affirm that you are at least 18 years old. The Service is inapplicable to users below the age of 18.

Privacy Protocol Usage of the Service necessitates your consent to Our Privacy Policy. This document outlines Our methods pertaining to the collection, utilization, and disclosure of personal information. We urge you to meticulously peruse Our Privacy Policy before utilizing Our Service.

External Links Our Service could encompass links leading to third-party websites or services not owned or overseen by the Company. We disavow any responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of these external entities. Your engagement with third-party sites remains at your discretion and risk.

Termination 2015BestNine reserves the prerogative to immediately curtail Your access to the Service upon detecting any violation of these Terms and Conditions. Termination negates your entitlement to use the Service.

Liability Limitation Under these Terms, the Company and its suppliers' liability shall be capped at the sum You've paid through the Service, or $100 USD if no purchases were made. Neither 2015BestNine nor its suppliers can be held accountable for indirect, consequential, or special damages, even if pre-informed of the potential of such damages.

Disclaimer The Service is delivered "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE". We disclaim all warranties, whether explicit, implied, statutory, or otherwise, regarding the Service's operation, compatibility, precision, or dependability.

Governing Law These Terms, along with your Service usage, are under the governance of Belarus laws, excluding conflicts of law provisions.

Dispute Resolution In case of concerns or disputes linked to the Service, we advocate for a preliminary effort to informally resolve the issue by communicating with the Company.

European Union Users European Union consumers stand to benefit from mandatory legal provisions in their respective resident countries.

United States Legal Compliance You confirm that You're not situated in a country under U.S. government embargo or listed on any U.S. government index of proscribed or restricted entities

Severability and Waiver If any provision in these Terms is deemed unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect. The non-enforcement of a right or obligation doesn't negate future execution, and waiver of a breach doesn't nullify subsequent breaches.

Translation Interpretation In case of translation, the original English text shall prevail if disputes arise.

Changes to These Terms 2015BestNine retains the prerogative to modify these Terms. Notice of significant changes will be furnished at least 30 days prior to their effectuation. Continuing usage post-change constitutes acceptance of the revised terms.

Questions? Contact us:info@2015bestnine.com

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